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Herman Fireplace by Eliel Saarinen-Architect
Herman Fireplace - Eliel Saarinen-Architect

Art Nouveau Fireplace Collection

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Among the great names in architecture, Finland's Eliel Saarinen stands tall. The famed architect, along with his partners, Armas Lindgren and Herman Gesellius, left their mark on the Helsinki landscape with the imposing Railway Station and Hvittrask, their studio/retreat outside the city.

The trio of architects also left behind designs for fireplaces, now in production by Tulikivi, the Finland-based maker of soapstone fireplaces. Each of the three models, named for each of the partners in the firm, was designed in the National Romantic style, part of the Art Nouveau or Jugend style, as it is known in Finland. Unquestionably, they are distinctive fireplaces both in form and function, and a perfect reflection of why Finnish design is renowned the world over.

The designs dates back to the turn of the century and original installations can be found around Helsinki. With nearly a day's worth of heat and a century worth of style, it is easy to see why they are still centerpieces for any room

Known as the Jugend collection, each model has distinguishing characteristics. The Herman has a tapered majestic shape decorated in relief and topped with a cap and carved motif. The broader, more diminutive Armas relies on flourishes of brass for embellishment, and Eliel is linear and whimsically crowned with balls of soapstone.

Tulikivi fireplaces are extraordinarily efficient thermal mass heaters, meaning that the fireplace heat, captured in the mass of soapstone, is released slowly and evenly over time, long after the fire has gone out. Finnish soapstone is simply without equal for holding, conducting and radiating heat. A two-hour firing can provide gentle, healthy radiant heat for up to 24 hours

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